A downloadable game for Windows

Benbonk Game Jam 2020 submission by Markositta (musician), Vironacorus ( programmer), N_Knight (artist): Space O' Fish.


You're a little shark trapped inside of aquarium. You need to eat other fish to survive, but space in aquarium is limited, so you can't eat all of them. Balance between eating and being eaten.

How to play:

-If you have trouble finding fish stay near the bottom, it's where more fishes spawn

-if fish is noticeably larger than you, it will try to eat you, if not, then you can eat it

-Always play in FULLSCREEN mode, because game is broken if not on fullscreen

-Survive one minute in world of dangerous fish

-If you eat too much, you will suffocate in small aquarium

-If you don't eat you'll starve to death

-New creatures get introduced as you play through


Install instructions

How to download:


-Download the game archive (.zip/.rar).

-Unpack it

-Run .exe file contained in folder

-Windows might warn you about potential danger in file. It's because game wasn't made using an engine, but in C++ with OpenGL so it has no certificate.

-If game doesn't run (rather unlikely). Make sure these files are in folder: vcruntime140_1.dll, openal32.dll, msvcrt.dll. Your graphics drivers also might be too old, which I doubt, but check it if game doesn't open window, but starts.

-If you encounter any problems please contact Vironacorus#7505 on discord via Benbonk Games server.


BENBONK GAMEJAM 2020 2.rar 28 MB
BENBONK GAMEJAM 2020 2.zip 28 MB


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I just played the game and I gotta say, this os impressive! I like the derpy art style you went for! Keep up the good work!

I tried to run the game, but it disappears after a few seconds.

It looks like your graphics drivers are outdated... or other error occured

Yeah, this computers pretty bad.

That's quite strange, because I'm sure that unity uses either vulkan or dx12 and godot uses vulkan. And these are new apis. I'm using OpenGL 4.5 in this jam. It released somewhere in 2016. No idea :(

Damn. I am on a mac. Sad

Oh sorry. I'm using MSVC to compile c++ code. It's microsoft compiler so no mac/linux support. Anyway, thanks for trying

i have got a 32 bit computer, does it support it?

Uh apparently my answer didn't get sent. Are you sure your computer is 32 bit? I highly doubt that anyone in this era has a 32 bit computer

But if you have 32 bit computer then unfortunately you can't play it... game is compiled for x64. It wouldn't be hard to compile it for x86, but I didn't think that anyone could have a 32 bit computer

nice art design. The game is very dificult, as i don't know how you decide what kind of fish appear close to you or if there is even a smaller nearby.

Game spawns fishes at random location and simulates entire map. If fish is big it means that it succeed to eat other fishes. If you want to swim quicker just hold your mouse closer to window edge. Game is supposed to be hard, but not unbeatable. :P Anyway, thanks for your feedback

Also all credit for art goes to N_Knight.